Welcome to Building Your Brand on Social Media

Welcome to the Building Your Brand on Social Media 5 Week Course!

This course is intended to give you insight into building a strong, organic social media following.

How it Works: For 5 consecutive weeks you can complete 1 lesson reviewing an individual theme of this course. If you want to go a little faster you can complete as many lessons as you want!

Each week you'll have a little bit of homework and In the end we'll tie it all together to help you create a basic social media strategy for your brand or business.

I want you to get the most out of this course - so each lesson will end with an actionable step towards getting you results. You can jot down all your homework with the accompanying workbook to help you tie everything all together.

Now here is your first homework assignment: Write down all the social media networks your brand is on.

See you for the first lesson and don't forget to download the workbook and get the link to the Facebook group in the next part of this section.

<3 Dhariana Lozano, DhariLo.com

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